Tiny House

Tiny House - COMANDOR

The Comandor is a fully-equipped mobile home. Just bring your suitcases and move in… it's as easy as that! The house is insulated with polyurethane foam, making sure that your tiny home stays warm and cosy all year round.

DIMENSIONS: 6.6x2.5x3.91 (height with trailor)

Finishing includes:

  • Structure made of high-quality Scandinavian spruce, kiln dried, planed on all four sides, with beams of 95 x 45mm.
  • The entire structure is insulated with 10mm thick polyurethane foam.
  • External façade is made of 14mm thick Scandinavian spruce, twice impregnated in the customer's choice of colour.
  • White double-glazed windows, terrace window 1770cm wide.
  • Two large mezzanines with 160 x 200 mattresses.
  • Internal walls in wood or plasterboard, painted in the colour chosen by the customer.
  • Roof covering made of sheet metal.
  • Decoratively cut board on the mezzanine.
  • Wood stairs to main mezzanine.
  • Wood ladder leading to second mezzanine.
  • Oak window sills.
  • Vinyl flooring.
  • Electrical installation.

Electrical installation includes:

  • 4 sockets per room.
  • 1 ceiling light point per room.
  • 3 external light points per room.
  • 1 external socket.

Water and sewerage installation includes:

  • Reversable air conditioning.
  • Underfloor heating.
  • Ventilation system designed to ensure good air circulation.

Kitchen includes:

  • Fully equipped with kitchen furniture, Blum cabinets with silent closing cupboards and drawers.
  • Oak countertop.
  • 2 oak shelves above countertop.
  • Granite sink with tap.
  • Adjustable induction hob.
  • Drawer under the sink with a 15 litre waste bin.
  • Fridge-freezer
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric hob


  • SEPARETT VILLA 9000 composting toilet (this can be replaced with a classic toilet).
  • Wash hand cabinet with sink and tap.
  • Oak shelf above sink.
  • Mirror above the sink.
  • ARISTON VELIS 40 litre electric boiler.
  • Double wall lamp above sink.
  • Enclosed shower cabinet made of tempered glass with shower tray, vinyl tiles in the shower cabinet, and shower hose with taps.
  • Vinyl bathroom floor.

The prices of Tiny House COMANDOR depend on the selected model and the selected interior equipment and materials needed to build Tiny House houses. 

Tiny House - COMANDOR plus

COMANDOR plus - is a fully equipped mobile home that is ready for the customer to live in. The house is insulated with polyurethane foam, thanks to which customers can enjoy the charm of this small and very functional Tiny House all year round.

The appearance of the roof differs from the COMANDOR design. 

DIMENSIONS: 6.6x2.5x3.91 (height with trailer)

Finishing conditions include:

  • structure made of high-quality wood, i.e. Scandinavian spruce, dried wood, planed on four sides, material with a cross-section of 95x45mm

  • the entire structure is insulated with thick polyurethane foam. 10mm

  • external façade made of 14 mm thick Scandinavian spruce, twice impregnated in the color chosen by the customer

  • white, double-glazed windows, terrace window 1770 cm wide

  • two large mezzanines with 160x200 mattresses

  • internal wainscoting, painted twice in the color chosen by the customer

  • roof covering made of sheet metal

  • decorative cutter on the mezzanine

  • Electrical installation:

    - 4x sockets in each room

    - preparation for ceiling lighting - 1x per room

    - preparation for external lighting - 3x

    - external socket - 1x

  • water and sewage installation

  • air conditioning, also with a heating function

  • infrared underfloor heating

  • recuperator - designed to ensure air exchange, whose task is to supply fresh air from outside and remove stale air from rooms while recovering thermal energy

    • Kitchen fully equipped with furniture, kitchen cabinets (Blum - Blumotion system, silent closing)
    • wooden cabinet stairs leading to the mezzanine, at the top there are sliding doors closing the mezzanine)
    • wooden ladder leading to the second mezzanine,
    • oak countertop,
    • two oak shelves above the countertop,
    • granite sink with kitchen faucet,
    • telescopic hood,
    • drawer under the sink equipped with a Praktiko Rejs waste bin 1x15L, 2 x 7L
    • sliding doors between the living room and the bathroom
    • decorative wooden cutter on the mezzanine
    • oak window sills
    • floor: vinyl panels
    • household appliances: fridge with freezer, dishwasher, adjustable induction hob
    • separate composting toilet SEPARETT VILLA 9000 (can be replaced with a classic toilet)
    • cabinet with washbasin and washbasin tap
    • oak shelf above the washbasin
    • Ariston Velis 40l electric boiler
    • mirror above the sink
    • double wall lamp above the cabinet with a washbasin
    • shower tray, closed shower cabin made of tempered glass, concealed faucet
    • vinyl floor, shower with vinyl tiles

The Tiny House mobile home is created for people looking for innovation, which is why we are open to all suggestions from our customers, because our priority is, above all, customer satisfaction with their dream little house on wheels.

The prices of Tiny House COMANDOR depend on the selected model and the selected interior equipment and materials needed to build Tiny House houses.